Reload Pack Details

What is a Reload Pack?

A Reload Pack is a convenient way to add funds to a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Card. Reload Packs are useful when:

How do I use a Reload Pack?

Step 1 (Purchase): Locate the reload pack in the prepaid mall and take the pack to any register. Tell the cashier or associate how much you want to add. (Note: some retailers allow you to load any amount between $10-$500, other retailers allow loads in denominations of $20, $50, $100, $200 and $400) The cashier or associate will scan the pack, take the cash you want loaded, and activate it. Your money is now on the pack and ready for you to send to any PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Card. A fee up to $3.95 may be charged for each reload pack.

Step 2 (Scratch off Reload Number): When you are ready to move the funds from the pack to a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Card, gently remove the security scratch-off on the back of the pack to reveal the Reload Number.

Step 3 (Online): Login to your Account Center at and select "Activate a Reload Pack" from the "Add/Manage Money" menu. Enter the reload number when prompted. Once entered, the money will be immediately available.


Step 3 (Phone): Dial 1-866-753-6440 and enter your card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Select option 5 for "Other Services," then option 2 for "Redeem a Reload Pack." Enter the reload number when prompted. Once entered, the money will be immediately available.

Where can I buy Reload Packs?

Reload packs are available at a number of retail locations, visit the online store finder to locate the nearest location carrying a reload pack.. They are located in the Prepaid Card Mall. Look for the following:

Image of a Reload Pack

Can someone buy a Reload Pack for me?

Yes. Anyone can buy a Reload Pack; however, you must have a PayPal Card number in order to complete the reload.

What happens if I lose my Reload Pack before I load my Card?

Your Reload Pack is just like cash. If you lose your pack, then the funds will be lost.

Reload Pack Disclosure

Funds used to open or reload a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Card account will be held in a card distributor account until the source of funds and your identity can be verified. These funds will not become deposits at the bank until they are actually received by the bank. At that time, they will become FDIC Insured. The card distributor acts as your messenger service in forwarding funds to the bank. While the funds are in transit, the card distributor is responsible for those funds, not the bank.

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